Air Pollution

Did you know properly maintained carpets are actually a great choice for families who suffer from asthma and allergies?

 At the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology 2012 Annual Scientific Meeting researches reported findings in there most recent studies.

Dr. Vivienne Mahon and Bruce Mitchell, MD, presented data from their study evaluating 9 residential carpets — 6 new and 3 from homes in the United States.

 “The researchers found that intensive carpet cleaning was highly effective in reducing both surface allergen and airborne particle counts, and that allergens accumulate in the base of carpets.

 On average, airborne particle counts for the artificially contaminated carpets were reduced 5.8-fold after cleaning, and airborne particle counts for the used carpets were reduced 4.3-fold after cleaning.

 Additionally, surface cat allergen levels in the new carpets were reduced 37-fold and dust mite allergen levels were reduced almost 10-fold.

 “While the study was carried out in an environmental test chamber, the conditions (such as the temperature, relative humidity, and air changes per hour) were chosen to replicate those found in people’s homes, and the 3 used carpets were taken from the real-world setting,” Dr. Mahon said.

 “The size and distribution of particles in the allergen test dust used in the study are comparable to the dust in people’s homes, so it represents an appropriate challenge for the carpets. Also, the airborne particle and allergen measurements were taken during real-world-type room disturbances, including walking around the carpeted chamber and bouncing a ball on the carpet,” she said.” 

 These findings “add to an existing body of evidence that indicates that well-maintained and effectively cleaned carpets can contribute to indoor air quality, making them a potential choice for families affected by asthma and allergies. Our hope is that the results will stimulate further debate among healthcare providers and consumers,” Dr Mahon said.

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